Please note that all competitions will be handicap qualifying providing the qualifying criteria is met, this will normally be determined prior to the day of the event, although in some circumstances the competition may be declared non-qualifying on the morning of the competition.



Rob ‘Party’ Thompson wins the Chairman’s Ladder

Rob Thompson collecting his trophy from Derek Howe

Rob Thompson won the final on the 18th green with a 40ft birdie putt against Neil Sharp, Party Rob, as he’s known by the Members celebrated in style as putt disappeared into the hole.

It was a nervy final,  there was a worry that at one stage that the finalists might run out of golf balls, but both players settled down after a few holes and produce a memorable match that went to the 18th. There was never more than one hole in the match, but Rob Thompson held on to win his first major trophy at the National.

Such are the vagaries of the Ladder, the losing finalist, Neil Sharp finished 7th as he was overtaken by last year’s champion, Jordi Southgate who beat Connor Armstrong to finish 2nd.

The weather held on to allow the final and 20th round of the event to be completed, although the ground remains saturated following weeks of rain, the greens however remain in great shape, despite the poor weather.

54 played on the final day and the evening presentation dinner, at which, former Operations Manager, Derek Howe, attend as guest of honour to present the awards.

Ladder final report – click to view

Final Prize Table – click to view  Click to view

Richard Manning won the Ladder Stableford with 42pts-  Stableford Results – click to View

2’s Pot   There were 9 x  2’s made on the day, which paid £74.40 each with one fortunate effort, Eric Stone thinned his chip on the 3rd, which struck the flag halfway up and dropped in. Eric stated later with a smile ‘ it was the only way to play the shot!’

The League and the Mike Ormiston Trophy went to Connor Armstrong as he won the league by 5 points.

Connor Armstrong with Derek Howe

League Positions


League Position Player Points
1 Connor Armstrong 52
2 Rob Thompson 47
3 Jordi  Southgate 44
3 Ian Pagan 44
3 James Geitzen 44
3 Rob Macdougall 44
7 Jonathon Stern 43
8 Mark  Hilton 41
9 Alan Ratcliffe 40
10 Tony  Davis 39
10 Dave  Bridger 39
10 Mark  Earley 39
10 Steve Love 39
14 Neil  Sharp 38
14 Nigel Phillips 38
16 Mark  O’Hara 35
16 Homi Falak 35
16 Russell Fryer 35
16 Steve Newman 35

Nearest the Pins : – 3rd Steve Graham, 7th Jordi Southgate, 13th James Geitzen & 16th Lawrie Richards

Nearest the Pins in 2 shots : – Yehia Oweiss – 1st Hole & George McAllister – 18th

Results Below  The ladder is every Saturday until the final in March. New players are welcome throughout the competition, just register between 7.30 & 8.30 on a Saturday.

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_1 completedMENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_2 completed

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_3 complete , MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_4 complete

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_5 completeMENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_6 complete

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_7 complete,   MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_8 complete

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_9 completeMENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_10 complete

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_11 completeMENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_12 complete

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_13 completed, MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_14 completed

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_15 complete , MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_16 completed

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_17 completedMENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_18 complete 170218

MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_19 results,  MENS Ladder 2017_18_Week_20 complete 100318




Ladies National League –  Sue & Amanda share the spoils as they both win in the National League

Amanda Hilton has won the scratch national league and Sue Davis the handicap prizes in the National League.

Sue narrowly  missed out on both trophies as she lost the scratch on aggregate countback, both players finished on 50pts with 5 wins apiece, so it was the overall total for the 12 rounds that separated the players.

Alicia Phillips finished runner up in the handicap section.   –Click to view – Ladies National League final results



Jenny comes out the woods to win trophy!

Jenny Forrest won the Ladies Chairman’s Ladder for the first time in today’s final against Amanda Hilton. In a close final with never more than one hole between the two players, Jenny, a member for twenty years, won her first final secured the win with a birdie on the 17th hole.
Amanda Hilton finished 3rd, with defending Champion, Alicia Phillips winning her match against Judith Dingle to jump into 2nd spot and clinch the league. There were over 100 matches played over the winter, so Congratulations to Jenny and Alicia.




3RD – Amanda Hilton

4TH in two shots – Jenny Forrest

7TH – Amanda Hilton

13TH – Amanda Hilton

16TH  – Judith Dingle

18TH in two shots – Judith Dingle




1ST – Alicia Phillips              —         £75 Voucher + Trophy

2ND – Carol Baker               —         £50 Voucher

3RD  – Judith Dingle            —         £40 Voucher

4TH – Barbara Lusted         —         £30 Voucher

5TH –Carolyn Oldham        —         £20 Voucher



1ST – Jenny Forrest                        —        £75 Voucher + Trophy

2ND – Amanda Hilton         —         £50 Voucher

3RD  – Sue Richardson       —             £40 Voucher

4TH – Juliet York                  —        £30 Voucher

5TH – Sally Hands                —        £20 Voucher

Alicia Phillips won the league by 3 points
League Position Player Points
1 Alicia Phillps 32
2 Amanda Hilton 29
3 Carol Baker 24
4 Judith Dingle 23
5 Sue  Richardson 20
6 Juliet York 18
7 Jenny  Forrest 15
7 Barbara  Lusted 15
9 Carolyn Oldham 14
10 Viv Jouhin 13
10 Moira  Lockyer 13
12 Sally  Hands 12
13 Sue  Hollands 11
14 Debbie Ash 9
15 Christine  Lyles 6
15 Chrissie Benz 6
17 Maureen Bundy 5
18 Clare  Kunz 2
18 Carol  Livesey 2
20 Jill  Armstrong 1


Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week3 results, Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week4 results
Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week1 results
Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week2 results;Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 5 results , Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 6 results;Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 7 results, Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 8 results;Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 9 resultsLadies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 10 results; Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 11 results; Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 12 resultsLadies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 13 results,   Ladies Ladder New 2017_18_Week 14 results