Please note that all competitions will be handicap qualifying providing the qualifying criteria is met, this will normally be determined prior to the day of the event, although in some circumstances the competition may be declared non-qualifying on the morning of the competition.

John & Liz Ditchburn win Breakfast League 

John & Liz Ditchburn (pictured left) have won the breakfast league for the 3rd time in fours years by an impressive 16pts averaging 44.2pts per qualifying round. David Jouhin & Barbara Lusted finished second having only played in 5 rounds.

The couple with the most wins in the competition, Colin & Debbie Ash finished in 3rd place.

The trophy was presented by Derek Lockyer, Mixed Match organiser, Congratulations to John & Liz.

 2018 breakfast league FINAL LEADERBOARD


Earley Christmas Present for Mark as he bags a Christmas Gift!

Mark Earley


Ian Pagan

36 members turned out for today’s ladder in freezing, wet conditions.

Despite the terrible conditions, there was some great golf with many matches, including the top match, requiring extra holes to find a result.

There was little Christmas cheer in the top match as both battled for the no.1 spot, this was their 3rd meeting of the season, with Mark Earley coming out on top after extra holes. Mark has come through extra holes in five matches this year, with 13 weeks to the final, can he continue his good form.

Nigel Phillips received some early Christmas cheer as he recorded the only 2  earning £175. There will be a bonus 2’s pot next week with an extra £150 in the pot.

Nearest the Pins – 4th Andy (PXG) Mitchell, 8th Alan Ratcliffe, 13th James Geitzen & 16th Dean Plant

Mark Earley has maintained his 2 point lead in the League from Alan Ratcliffe.

League Position Player Points
1 Mark Earley 25
2 Alan Ratcliffe 23
3 Ian  Pagan 21
4 Jonathon  Stern 20
4 Simon Burton 20
4 Chris Pardey 20
7 Homi (Angel Cabrera)  Falak 19
7 Andy  Mitchell 19
9 Tony  Davis 16
9 Don Bennett 16
9 Karl Nilchibar 16
9 Kim  Horsted 16
13 Ross White 15
13 Charlie Hobden 15
13 Marcus Opoku 15
13 Stuart Catton 15
13 Alex Truffet 15
13 Harry Clewley 15
13 James Gietzen 15

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 9 results

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 8.xlsx results

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 7 results

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 6 completed

MENsFG Ladder 2018_19_Week 5 completed

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 4 completed

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 3 completed

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 2 completed

MENS FG Ladder 2018_19_Week 1 completed


Dingle Bells all the way as Judith is still no.1

Judith Dingle defeated Debbie Ash to remain top, having only been beaten once in seven matches, Judith started as favorite, but it took a birdie, birdie finish to win a great match with both players playing under their handicap.

Jenny Forrest jumped backed to number 2 as Amanda Hilton surprisingly suffered her second defeat in a row to drop back to 8th.

Judith Dingle has opened up  a 3- point lead in the league with Liz Ditchburn & Amanda Hilton in joint second

Nearest the Pins were won by Amanda Hilton 16th & Judith Dingle, but there was no 2’s today, so there is a £84 rollover next round.

Ladies Ladder week 1 2018-19   Ladies Ladder week 2 2018-19  

Ladies Ladder week 3 2018-19  Ladies Ladder week 4 2018-19

Ladies Ladder week 5 2018-19 Ladies Ladder week 6 2018-19

Ladies Ladder week 7 2018-19 Ladies Ladder week 8 2018-19

League Position Player Points
1 Judith  Dingle 19
2 Liz  Ditchburn 16
2 Amanda Hilton 16
4 Debbie Ash 14
4 Alicia Phillips 14
6 Jenny Forrest 13
6 Moira Lockyer 13
8 Sue  Hollands 12
9 Sally Hands 11
10 Christine  Lyles 10
10 Carol  Baker 10
10 Maureen Bundy 10
10 Sue  Richardson 10