Bear Grylls Survival Academy Ultimate Teambuilding

East Sussex National Resort welcomes two new fantastic activities, ideal for both small and larger groups.

Bear Grylls 

Why not join the team from Bear Grylls and learn how to survive in the wild landscape of Sussex? Our training centre is set in an 8-acre woodland which forms part of the 1100-acre estate. We offer a wide range of activities including half day, day, and overnight experiences. Our team of outdoor experts will teach you the core strengths, ensuring you can survive any trip into the wild yonder. For more details, click here.

Packages & Special Offers

Our dedicated, experienced, and professional conference and event team know exactly how to organise an event to remember. Regardless of scale.

We offer a varied range of packages, covering both day and residential stays. All conference delegates will enjoy unlimited tea and coffee, free Wi-Fi, and ample car parking. All the while, they will enjoy and benefit from one of the best learning environments in Sussex.

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